Supporting Our Scholarship Program

Thank you for thinking of supporting our Scholarship Program which helps the poor and most brilliant students go to the school/college and thus save wonderful assets of our nation.

 We hope the following information answers most of your questions. If you still need any specific information, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to get back to you.

1. How much can I contribute?
  No amount is too small. Each penny/rupee that you donate will make a difference.
2. How often can I contribute?

We feel there are no restrictions or boundaries to the service. You are welcome to do a one-time contribution OR continue as long as you wish to. We promise you that you will feel a sense of accomplishment in making a difference.

3. How much it takes to sponsor one poor & talented student all the way until he settles down?

This is a great thought. Actually, we pick up our scholars at various levels (Intermediate, Under graduation, Post Graduation) depending on when we are able to find them.

This is the approximate assistance we provide to them:

Course Enrolled in Quantum of Assistance per Year Information
Intermediate Rs. 1000/-

USD $25

This covers the college tuition fee, text books, note books, &  uniform. Additional assistance of Rs. 500/- will be provided towards Bus Pass for students who need to travel more than 10 km (6 miles) to attend college.
Diploma/Graduation in Arts

(Polytechnic/B.Sc, BA, B.Com etc)

Rs. 3000/-

USD $75

This covers the college tuition fee, text books & note books. Additional assistance of Rs. 500/- or so will be provided towards Bus Pass for students who need to travel more than 10 km (6 miles) to attend college.
Tech. Graduate

(B.Tech, BE, B.CA etc)

Rs. 10000/-

USD $250

This covers the entire college tuition fee. Additional assistance may be provided on a need basis. For ex. recently one of our scholars was asked to leave the hostel since her father was not able to pay the mess bill. We picked up those expenses since we wanted her to concentrate on her studies not to worry about paying the bills.
Bed/Post Graduation in Arts

(M.Sc, MA, M.Com etc)

Rs. 6000/-

USD $150

This covers the entire college tuition fee.

Medicine (MBBS) Rs. 15000/-

USD $375

This covers the entire college tuition fee + Caution Deposit.


For our complete selection procedure of the scholars, please refer to our program details section.

4. Can I have contact with the student that I sponsor?
  Absolutely. We prefer you have a direct contact with the student who receives your help. That makes our job easier. We will provide his/her family's contact information to you.
5. Can I designate my contribution in the name/honor of my relative / organization?
  YES. We have a designated scholarship process at DCT. We pass 100% of your contribution to the student in honor or memory of a loved one (grand parent, parent, spouse, child etc.) designated by you. A copy of the certificate along with the scholar's details will be sent to you (donor). Please read more on this program.
6. Can I make a tax-deductible contribution?
  YES. You can do so in INDIA by writing cheque in the name of DASURAM CHARITABLE TRUST (we have tax exempt status 80G). In USA, you can write the cheque in the name of AFHD (Association For Human Development, a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization with Federal Tax-ID:20-1848083)

Finally, we are thankful to you for the very thought of supporting DCT activities. We do not have any guidelines for our supporters. You are the best judge to decide what you are and how much (and in what way) you can contribute to our society. So, we leave it up to you to let us know what way you can offer your help.

We will be lucky and grateful to have YOU in our team and we are sure we together can do more and better for the needy people. Little things make a big difference.

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