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Your SMALL contribution may make a BIG difference in someone's life

Please help us help our villages

As you know, the prosperity of India lies in the well being of our 700,000 villages. We have definite plans to expand  our activities towards village development and hence we surely need your  helping hand. We have so many things that we can do for the poor in our villages to improve their living standards. Since we all have a good heart, all we need is to start thinking about how each one of us can contribute to this noble cause.

There are many NGOs already working towards the rural transformation in the areas of Education, Health, Water, Women Empowerment etc. We (DCT) are trying to tie up with some of them to inherit the proven ideas and concepts and apply the same to the villages that we will be concentrating on.

How can YOU get involved

  • Join us by sharing your Innovative Ideas for improving and streamlining the processes at DCT.

  • Help us connect to the other people in INDIA, US or anywhere else who are interested in working with similar goals.

  • Be part of DCT's Educational Scholarship Program by sponsoring at least one most brilliant and needy student (s) each year. If you are interested, please see the details.
  • Be a creative mind in designing and/or implementing and/or sponsoring some activities/projects for the poor villagers and thus bring a smile into their lives. You will be amazed with the kind of satisfaction that you get and you will be PROUD of yourself for sure.
  • Help us in any other way YOU CAN THINK OF. Unlike monetary donations, gifts of service almost always are as valuable as to the giver as to the recipient.

Tax-Deductible donations -  In INDIA, write cheque in the name of DASURAM CHARITABLE TRUST (we have tax exempt status 80G).

Last but not least, think of your (Or your nearest) village and see what difference can you make in the lives of the villagers. Please remember that we can do no great things, only small things with great love.

Please feel free to contact us to get involved OR visit our FAQ section to learn more about DCT.

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