About Us

Dasuram Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization established in Z.kumaram village, (VZM Dist. AP) in 2007.

Our Mission is to promote excellence in human endeavor, to develop human resources, to help people achieve success regardless of religion, gender or caste by giving hope to those who may have none. It is targeted at qualified, needy students entering college.

The Foundation is all-volunteer driven. While organizing, events are run by dedicated volunteers who are committed to the noble cause of helping the poor who excel at academics attend college.

The Foundation provides Rural Health & Scholarships in 1st Zone (Visakhapatnam, Vizainagaram and Srikakulam) A.P, India to children who excel academically among the poor families. The scholarship distribution process is very systematic and closely monitored by the coordinators. Most of our coordinators are lecturers, teachers and prominent individuals supervising the process and following the guidelines.   


We reach more needy and poor students in 1st Zone.

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